Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I woke up at 3:00 this morning as usual and 24 year old daughter came flying downstairs, crying, convinced that once again we have ghosts. Through her sobs she's telling me she's hearing sounds and voices coming over her son's baby monitor and can't sleep and please Mom make them go away! Yes, if only magic wands were real and Pixie Dust worked on more than just Pixies I could conceivably banish these ghosts but they appear immune to the rituals of incense burning (can they smell?) scare tactics (c'mon, they're ghosts!) and pleadings (yeah, right). Luckily most of the ghosts we have had follow us from house to house have been friendly and are more pranksters than home-wreckers.

I tried to console her with hugs and mom-words but it was early and I wasn't prepared to deal with apparations and I really had to pee. When I went back to bed I of course felt that there was someone hovering over me and after about 20 minutes had to get up. I did the usual walk-through-the-house-to-try-and-find-anything-out-of-place and did not but I definitely can feel presences, as I believe there is one peering over my left shoulder as I type this. Not sure what she expects me to write and maybe just wants some attention but I hope she has a sense of humor.

Funny though, girly things have been disappearing lately. My cuticle pusher has vanished from the cup in the downstairs bathroom and daughter denies using it as was looking for it herself, my Clinique eye cream is quickly running out as is the face wash in the shower, all the more reason to believe she's female.

Maybe she's lonely? It is Christmas. Maybe she's just stopping by for a few days? We haven't had evidence of ethereal beings for quite a few years now. Maybe she likes us? Highly possible, we are usually a nice bunch of people.

Time will tell whether or not we have a new boarder but there is one rule for ghosts that we do post on the fridge - no scaring. It's not nice. If she wants to hang out and bring friends and indulge in some playful teasing that's allowed because we all need to have fun, but if she's of the mean sort then I will be forced to consult my spellbook and remove her aura from our happy dwelling.

So tell me ... any ghosts in your lives?


Murees Dupé said...

Wow! That is actually scary. Are you sure you are ok with ghosts in your home? I used to sense them when I was younger, but thankfully my sensitivity wore off.

Nancy said...

The friendly ones don't bother us but my daughter seems to think this one isn't too happy. I think if you let them know you know they are there and you are watching them as well, they seem to behave. I haven't heard this one so I wonder if the message is for her - time will tell!

Twinsmom said...

I hear voices over our baby monitor every now and then. I also hear a dog barking. It's one of our neighbors. Our monitor somehow picks up theirs now and then. It's frightening though. Awfully spooky to listen to in the middle of the night!