Friday, December 28, 2012

Dismiss what insults your soul

This hit me pretty hard, complete with arm hair raising, so much that it is now my cell wallpaper. Truth is, it's applicable to many things - what you believe, what you've been taught, how you relate your life to the rest of the world.
Feelings are fluid and infinite. We say that "people don't change" but they do. Ever been in a relationship and he wouldn't do some thing with you that he now does with his new girlfriend? Have you said "always" or "never" and now aren't quite so sure? Ever have a strong belief that death is final but now wonder, because you feel presences and notice signs, that maybe we truly are eternal?
Maybe 2013 should be the year you get to know yourself. Make a list of who you are, what you like, what you believe. Mine your thoughts early in the morning before they become clouded with the days events and notice how you react to certain situations or news events. Look back on your life and notice how you've changed, for the better, for the worse. Are you living a life that is promoting positives in your thoughts and actions? Are you a helper?
Most of all, find you own truth and don't be afraid to reassemble it for comfort. Take a little bit of each religion and create your own. Remove your thoughts from those who have hurt you because they need to be left behind. When you feel like you're slipping back into the ways or thoughts you know, slow down. Straighten your posture, look up, and say, "I am better, I am strong, I have faith, I will carry on". Then reward yourself by doing something special, even if only for a few minutes.
We spend so much time worrying about things that may happen and caring for other people, not to mention the "if I had onlies" that we completely take ourselves out of the equation, but we have a value too. x + y = z, right? So which are you? Count yourself in because you matter, you're a small part of the whole. The tiniest flower petal holds a tiny raindrop for the tiny insect we never see - you don't need to be a redwood tree to make a difference.
So try it. I'm going to. Why not?

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