Sunday, June 17, 2012


You know how they say "there is somebody for everyone"? It occurred to me today while I was changing my sheets and talking to Rosie (who hangs on my bedroom wall) that maybe the "somebody"many of us are looking for isn't necessarily a partner / boyfriend / girlfriend. Maybe the "somebody" is a Super-hero, a trusted parent, a grandson or a neighbor, a best friend or even God. Maybe the "somebody" is the memory of someone we keep close to our hearts or maybe it's the recent kindness of a stranger.

And maybe the "somebody" isn't "somebody" at all but simply a thought that brings you back to your center and your peace, or a favorite incense or long-ago photo that has the power to realign your perspective and reassures you that yes, Nancy, you are okay. You will always be okay. The universe is on your side.

Or maybe the "somebody" is you because really, you are somebody.


Murees Dupé said...

That makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it is whatever reassures you that you are loved and that all will be fine.

Nancy said...

It could be, Murees. Sometimes people go looking for something outside themselves when they should really be looking within.