Sunday, January 15, 2012

Write About

Write about how they used to write, how they had all the time to think and not be tempted by the internet or phone or tv. Write about how they had great books to read and educated people to talk to. Write about how they wrote by candlelight and firelight and oil lamp with feather quills and inkwells and how dangerous their lives really were.

Write about how far we have come with technology but ask how far have we come as a race of humans? Write about how all these improvements have made the lives of humans easier and in turn, less humane.

Write about the wonderment that if everyone wrote down in a daily journal something, anything, that forced them to take a look at themselves or one thing and learn from it, make a promise to do better by it and actually keep that promise, it just may make us a kinder race of humans. Words and actions are all we have and others memories of us are what we leave along the way – our breadcrumbs to the path of immortality – and write about how they should be selectively and carefully placed as we want them to be picked up and savored, put into mental pockets as lucky charms, and not stomped upon to be buried forever, their secrets untold.

Write about how important it is to write the truth as only by self-reflection are we able to forge ahead and make new footsteps to carry us through.

Write about how joyous it feels to write.

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