Saturday, August 7, 2010

"The Invention of Lying"

Have you seen the movie?

Part I
Do you find the premise to be true - we tend to forfeit going after what we want and live what is "expected" instead.

Is your life influenced by your family, friends, coworkers, kids, upbringing, conditioning, or environment?

Are you unhappy with a part of something but stay in it / with it because you feel you should or that it makes you a better person or you'll get points when it's time?

Are you confident enough in your writing to type the words that truly reflect *your* truth, or do you lightly address controversial issues or ideas to remain the person your family, friends, coworkers, kids, know you to be?

Is this being truthful? Does this make you happy? Is this why, at times, you can’t write?

Part II
Do you believe that people overeat, over-drink, pick / stay with the wrong person, abuse, neglect, blame, deceive, or pretend because they feel they are not living up to their potential and do not have the confidence or the motivation to take action to live a fulfilling life?

(this is what I thought about this morning while having coffee)

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