Saturday, May 10, 2014

Whiners! Read This!

Yes, unfortunately, this includes me. I was scrolling around earlier and read a comment and I wondered if the reason why I was so *fill in the blank* is because I am a whiner and sadly enough, I think I am.

Not that I'm going to whine about that.

The third sentence arched my back and made me read over from the beginning. The last sentence prompted this post. Success. I always thought I was successful, except that lately I feel like everything is falling apart. 

But wait, telling you why would be whining so I can't do that any more. What I need to do now is write down, on a real piece of paper with a real pen, why I think that in one column and next to it, write down whether or not I can affect its outcome. If I can and it makes sense to, I need to create a plan of attack. If I can't or it doesn't make sense to, I'll cross it off.

I want to my life to be the last six words of the last sentence and not the last six words of the first.

Damn, this is not going to be easy. 

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