Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh no! Now what?

This is taken from a post on the Writer's Digest forum. I liked it so much after I wrote it I wanted to share (and I also wanted to remember what I said.):

Another thing that stalls me is if I wait to long to continue after I decide (but is it so?) the story is going nowhere. I have written essays to the end no problem and have started three stories, none finished. They are dissimilar, a good thing, but because years have gone by time has changed me and I'm no longer that person and those characters have become distant.

I do love all three premises. I researched, read, outlined, wrote scenes, character sketches, and pages and pages of script, laughed, cried, agonized and contemplated throughout and truly believe that all are still solid but my feeling has changed (matured? cynic? realistic?) and that is what I am threatened with - how do I re-establish our relationship when I've ignored them for so long? What if they have also changed? What if they divorce me?

I've thought on this the last few weeks and decided that although each one has meaning to me, the one that draws me in is the one I abruptly denied myself, for reasons still unknown, but that is the one I feel is within me to write - the first one I started. What now? Well, I've changed my perspective on the premise and realized that the fairy tale, imbued with psychology, astrology, mythology, philosophy, witchcraft and religion, is where I feel content. I'm not writing a story for children but a children's story, useful for all who feel that at times the real world is too much and need a fantasy to escape into, even though that fantasy merits its own evils, it's a theme, a place, we all know.

So fellow writer, maybe it isn't the story you need to reflect upon. Take a look inside and realize your truth, where you feel most comfortable, and write that story for that, dear Writer, is your story.


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Murees Dupé said...

This is really great advice, Nancy. I recently found that I want to write a story that is so far out of my comfort zone that it is ridiculous, but it wants and needs to be written. Even if it is tough, I need to write it.

I think it would be great to read a story that could help me find escape and one where I can get lost in it's wonder.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, because they have truly comforted me.