Saturday, July 28, 2012

Listen to Me!

I have once again come to the conclusion that most people don't want the benefit of my wisdom, even though deep down I know they should take it.

I don't get it.

Everybody talks about Everybody Else but nobody talks about themselves unless they are trying to date you. Nobody wants you to tell them they should be "more so" or "less like" or "relax a little" or "do something!" People, it seems, are perfectly happy being who they are.


There is so much of humanity that needs to be fixed and at times, in my philosophical, zen-induced moments when I feel that if we all just went back to wearing peace necklaces and mood rings and gave group hugs all would be right with the world, I give someone my unsolicited opinion. Then for a few seconds comes the sound of silence. And there is a sound, a deafening sound of nothing when "uh-oh" thoughts fly through my mind like an unravelled, fully loaded garden hose, sputtering and spraying and uncoiling this way and that, unable to be controlled until either someone shuts of the water or shoots the damn thing, and I seriously contemplate if I said anything offensive. Because I don't mean to, I'm just trying to be helpful. Honest.

So I was talking to a work friend about this and he said "Nance, maybe some people are okay with who they are and their lives and it isn't up to us to try and tell them they're doing it wrong even if they are."


That is beyond my comprehension. Why would you not want to be told something that could improve your life? "Because people become complacent and appreciate the familiarity of their routine." he said. "They get up, hit the snooze a few times, trudge on to work, put in their time, go home, eat dinner, and do whatever they do and they're good with it. Simple."

Simple. Simple. I guess I don't understand simple. I think about everything. I overthink what I've thought then I dredge it out, look at it under 500 power mag then pop it back in and analyze it over again.

"Why do you do that?" he says. "Why don't you just relax?"

"That's how I relax", I tell him. "That's what I do!"

"Well then" he says, "there ya go!"

Oh. hmm. So ... this could mean that there are people out there saying things about me. Yikes. Funny how I never thought of that. I mean, I figured people talked about me but in a bubbly, complimentary way not in a wow-she's-really-out-there way.

I get it.

Do I care?

Kind of. Not really. Not enough to consider changing me for people who I don't particularly care for and probably not for those that I do. Lesson learned.

So from now on I'll keep my mouth shut and spend each moment of each day trying to better me for the world and leave Everyone Else to themselves.

What a relief!

Peace ~

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