Saturday, July 16, 2011

So...who are you blogging for?

I started a blog a while ago. I posted things, got some followers. Slowed down a bit. Posted that I was not going to post for a while and lost some followers. Then I asked some questions. Some people wanted this changed, some people wanted that changed, so I changed things. Some don't like what I write, some do. Then I started to wonder...

...who do we blog for?

Ourselves? Why? We know what we write. Friends? Some we know, some we don't. Some we don't want to know that we write. New friends? Why? For followers? Comments? Do they even follow, comment or leave advice? Potential Agents / Editors / Publishers? Do they really go on the thousands of social writing forums and read the hundreds of thousands of blogs with millions of comments, hoping to find the next best seller? I would think they have their hands full with their day jobs, maybe tending to their own blogs and living within their own worlds.

So fellow writers...who are you blogging for? And why?

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