Saturday, October 30, 2010

Being Truthful about Sex

Let's say sex for men = affection for women.

However, some women get turned off if pre-date or first date conversation is about sex because they want the relationship to be more than that before the sex, but knowing there will be sex eventually.

But, if the conversation is stimulating, intellectual, fun, and she feels like this is going somewhere, and they have sex but she is regularly not fulfilled, the relationship will most likely end.

All this is probably true for some men.

And if the sex is tantamount to a glorious relationship the couple will then do all they can to keep it lively and hot by having more sex.

So, maybe the men are right from the get-go.

Now, before you say what you think you should rather than opposed to who you really are, be truthful about this. If your partner was amazing in all ways but was a sexual dud, would you stay?

If your answer is no, then maybe when/where/why/how to have sex doesn't matter, because in the end, that's what we really all want.

Maybe we should just go for it.

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