Saturday, July 10, 2010


Objects in the mirror are not what they appear. You look in the mirror and see what’s there but what you see is an illusion. What is in your right hand is actually in your left, unless it’s a 3-way mirror and you take 4 steps to the right and then there isn’t anything there at all.

You never really know who you truly are. You think you are a certain way but aspire to be a different you because as you walk through life you absorb the more agreeable, or disagreeable, traits of others. People pick apart the pieces of you they like to define you to make you fit into their world. If the relationship ends, they will disclose the parts of you they previously shelved to qualify their change of heart.

Who are we supposed to be? What rule or guideline are we supposed to follow? We are supposed to follow a religion but march to the beat of our own drum. We are supposed to proclaim our beliefs but if done in an unacceptable way, we may get arrested or killed. We are supposed to do our own thing but are bound by the confines of the life we live or those we live with.

What separates a good person from a bad person? Are we all just walking around pretending? Are we who we are or are we who we feel we need to be in order to be presentable to the public?

The people you think are assholes might not be. Maybe that is who they are but you just don’t like the fact that they are comfortable enough in their own skin to be the way they are without having to reign in any unacceptable behavior. Those who are nice, kind, and sweet – is it just a façade? Can you truly always be nice? Do we act for ourselves or for others and, what is there to gain?

Although you feel the urge to debate or deny you know there is no answer. We fight for an answer – for the truth – because we feel we have to take a stance in all that is unjust when the truth really is, we don’t know what the truth is.

Objects in the mirror are not what they appear.

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